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Songs and our Singthing musical plays

We have quite a number of songs for children. Many of the songs have been developed at the same time and from our Singthings, which are stories (first developed in the year 2000 by Peter Barratt BD, BA, PGCE) told in speech and song about the adventures experienced by animals, creatures and insects etc. They all have a simple moral.

The Singthings are suitable for children up to about 7 years and are generally appropriate to Key Stage 1 but some can apply to Key Stage 2.

Each printed Singthing has one principal and a number of sub-principal characters, a narrator and, of course, a chorus which can generally be of any number depending upon the number of children available and the size of the accommodation in which the Singthing is to be performed.

The Singthing musical play presently available in the Series ‘The Adventures of Dillon Dinosaur’ is called ‘Dillon Dinosaur The Super Hero’. The play has a duration of about 20 minutes and has a requirement of 7 principals, narrator, chorus and pianist. More details are available on Dillon’s website at

Singthings Told As Stories With Songs

by Peter Barratt
at Schools, Festivals and Arts Centres etc.

The Singthing, quoted above and more Singthings telling other stories about the adventures of Dillon Dinosaur, Cyril The Squirrel, Colin Caterpillar and A Fish Called Chips are told by Peter Barratt, who is a former teacher, to children in Primary Schools, Festivals, Arts Centres and other areas. They include:

  • Cyril The Squirrel Goes To The Fair
  • Cyril The Squirrel And The Village Carnival
  • Cyril The Squirrel And A Day At The Seaside
  • Cyril The Squirrel And The School Visitors
  • Cyril The Squirrel And The Secret Of The Woods
  • Cyril the Squirrel And The Snow Monster
  • Cyril The Squirrel’s Birthday Party
  • Dillon Dinosaur And The Lightning Storm
  • Dillon Dinosaur And The Biggest Snowball In The World 
  • Dillon Dinosaur And One Of Those Days
  • Dillon Dinosaur Forms A Pop Group
  • Dillon Dinosaur And The Road Accident
  • Colin Caterpillar Has A Dangerous Day
  • Colin Caterpillar And The Magic Hedge
  • A Fish Called Chips Looks For Some Fun
  • A Fish Call Chips And A Day Full Of Danger


Sheet music from these Singthings series can be purchased separately for use by Primary Schools etc., as that little extra interest when dealing with topics such as (a) The Local Environment (b) Monsters (c) Mini Beasts i.e. Insects etc., and (d) Water. The songs currently available are:-

  • Boing! Boing! Boing! - (A grasshopper)
  • Colin Caterpillar
  • Cyril The Squirrel
  • Genies and Rainbows (A lullaby for Christmas, a child or a young animal)
  • Happy Birthday Cyril Squirrel
  • Hide And Seek - (Animals playing)
  • I Wish I'd Thought Of That - (An absent minded animal)
  • One World
  • We’re Going to the Seaside
  • Waterworld - (A fish's eye view - Oop! Oop!)