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What we have been doing and what we are planning for 2016

 For some years now BaBa Productions has been attending a number of conferences, music shows, agricultural shows, the occasional book festival and many, many craft fairs of various sizes in order to get itself known to the wider public. However, exhaustion has brought upon us the necessity to forego our attendance at conferences, music shows and agricultural shows throughout 2015. Our attendance at craft fairs, however, has generally continued and will do so throughout 2015. We expect it to pick up again in 2016. To help us combat our problems we have reduced substantially our previous voluntary service commitments and are continuing to do so,

The business commitments we have for 2016 and the future look to be more fruitful than the recent past and we look forward to them continuing. The first major event at which we will be represented next year is the annual conference of the National Association of Choirs in April. We will keep you informed of our attendance at other projected fairs and shows that will be held in 2016 and later. 

We have two new books for children to print early in 2016 one from each of the two series of books that are written by Peter Barratt entitled:

a) Cyril The Squirrel Has A Birthday Party and

b) Dillon Dinosaur And The Fire In The Park.

Watch out also for further additions to our books for children through our other websites at: and






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